Create collection from schema - folder organization

Yo :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I am generating collections from a Swagger json, stored in the “Define” tab in an API. I tested manually and via Postman-API:

POST Create collection from schema{{apiId}}/versions/{{apiVersionId}}/schemas/{{schemaId}}/collections?workspace={{workspaceId}}

Using the Postman-API, the collection is generated in the same way as doing it manually. More precisely: manually without advanced settings.

Is there a way to include advanced settings in the Postman-API call? I would like to use the “Folder organization = Tags” setting, which helps keeping a structure similar to the Swagger used.

cheers, Ziggy

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You can generate a new collection based on Swagger and… Click on “Generate Collection”, when the new screen is displayed click on “Show advanced settings” and look for “Folder organization”, beside it there is a select, next to clicking on the select will display the options “Schema” and “Tag”, once this is done, it generates the collection

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Indeed, that is the manual solution.

I am looking for the same feature via the Postman-API (

Basically, I want to know what the POST request body keys are to get the same result.

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@cmnazario Same question. Do you plan to include advanced settings feature also at the Postman API level? It would be really needed.