Collection generation through OpenAPI

Hi there,

I have some api specifications in OpenAPI v3 format stored in a repository and once in a while i take those specs and import them in Postman for contract testing / general testing.
To “update” the specs i Create a new version of the Postman API and paste the content of my OpenAPI file.
Afterwards I click the button to let Postman generate a collection based on the specs.

Is there any way to preserve the changes I’ve made in the previous generated collections, and apply them to the new one ?
Often i save examples, create new requests and mess with parameters, and I lose these changes when generating a collection with a new version of the API specs.

Thank you all

Hey @luca.rospocher

We are working on a feature which will let you update the existing collection with the new changes in the spec. This will be in out shortly, do check for updates! Once this is out, we’d love your feedback whether this helps you solve your need or not.

Thanks !

I’ll follow the feature request you linkde