Is it possible to create a collection from an OpenAPI document OAS 2.0 or OAS 3.0?

I’ve got an Open API (OAS) document (in YAML but I’ve tried the one in JSON too) that describes some APIs exposed by a server.
From my workspace, choosing “Import”, I have 2 options: “Postman collection” or “OpenAPI 2.0 with a postman collection”. If I choose the first option, nothing happens, no error, no collections get generated, no messages shown. Second options, I can see the full specification in the APIs section from the sidebar but I cannot see any shortcut that helps me create requests from the specs.
In older versions of Postman, it seems like something similar was possible. I am on the latest version (10.16.9). Am I missing something?

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Option 1 should result in one collection. Option 2 should result in one collection and one specification. It’s working properly with my latest version (10.17). Feel free to file an issue here in case there’s something about your setup resulting in this behavior. You would need to provide more details, but you can link back to this thread.

Something else to try since you have successfully imported the specification - generate the collection from the overflow menu: API > (…) > Add collection > Generate from definition. The UX has changed a bit from previous versions.

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