How do I disable the dragable selection box?

Very often, when I just want to select and edit text in the key/value params editor, I overshoot the edge of the box containing the value I’m trying to select and my selection turns into a dashed selection box that is not helpful to me. How do I disable this odd selection box feature so that I can more easily edit my keys and values?

To Reproduce

  1. Enter a key and value in the Params editor
  2. Use the mouse to try and select just the the first half of the parameter value
  3. Notice that if your cursor exits the value box at all, you lose the text selection

Expected behavior
If you begin selecting text, it should not be necessary to precisely aim the mouse at the end position if the end is against the edge of a cell. See for example Notepad, GEdit, Microsoft Excel, the text editor I’m typing in right now, all standard text inputs on any website, terminal emulators, …

A related point, if you try and select text by clicking & holding on text before the blinking text cursor is in the box, the editor thinks you’re trying to drag the entire value somewhere else. Again, this is cumbersome when all you want to do is edit a value.


App information
Postman for Windows
Version 7.3.2
win32 10.0.18362 / x64


Thanks for sharing this, @mattwomple. There seems to be an open issue on our GitHub issue tracker around the same bug in the data editor, which seems to be open for quite a while :flushed:

That issue queue is also the best place to file bugs about Postman. I will close this topic here and also mark this post on that issue. Please feel free to add your inputs to the issue on GitHub.