Disable Auto-complete/Typing suggestions in postman?

Frequently when editing code in postman I will mouse in to a section of code and delete a letter, or otherwise edit the code, and postman tries to suggest variables to replace the partially edited text. It is really annoying, and if I use the arrows to navigate it will often replace things I never intended. I have to hit esc or use the mouse to click away to get rid of the suggestion dialog box.

Can this suggestion feature be disabled?

in the below I removed the ‘t’ from a ‘let’ statement and it wants me to replace it with an unrelated variable.



Hey @jonsworkalias,

Hmm, that doesn’t sound ideal.

There is an option to disable the auto complete suggestions in the settings menu.

There is a setting for variable autocomplete, but I think that’s different. That allows for {{something}} to display the data on mouse-over.

If there’s an additional setting to turn off what I am finding in the editor let me know.

Is that still happening with that setting disabled?

Yes, it is still happening. I had tried it before, and confirmed again, same thing… :frowning:

Ah OK :cry:,

Can you open an issue on our GitHub issue tracker with all the details and context of what you’re seeing please?

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Thanks, I did here - https://github.com/postmanlabs/postman-app-support/issues/7481

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