How do I Disable "Initial Value" "Current Value" functionality?

  1. This functionality causes changes to my variabes not to save properly
  2. This functionality lowers my productivity by drastically increasing the mental load required to look at the variables screen
  3. This functionality lowers my productivity by restricting the length of the text boxes used to edit variables, making me have to click a different location every time I edit a value because of wrapping at different locations
  4. My collection is local - another human being will never modify my collection, ever.

How do I turn it off?

@pmaguder Thanks for the feedback! When we introduced session variables, we tried to allow for the option to ignore it altogether and continue working as you would with just the initial value.

In the Manage Environments modal, you can click the ellipses next to the column titles to select which columns you want to show by default. You can then disable the current value field and continue working as you would without it. As of now, this doesn’t setting doesn’t extend to the Environment Quick Look dropdown, but that’s an inconsistency and we’re tracking a fix for this internally.