Remove/Hide Initial Value from Environment Quick Look

I want to remove/hide the column below from Environment Quick look. We don’t need/use this column. Is there a way to do this?

The below image is the column that I mean.

I am unable to find the way to do this via researching online, hoping to get some answers here.

There is no way to remove this column as it is vital for the sharing of Workspaces/Collections.

The Initial value should be used for all data that is not sensitive, for example, if you have a generic endpoint for your request this should be saved in the Initial Value field.
Passwords / API Keys and Usernames on the other hand, should be saved only to the Current Value column. When you export or share the collection, this Current Value data is not shared, compared with the Initial value which is shared.

You can ‘hide’ that column in the Manage Environment feature, for a specific environment:

However, this is not reflected in the quick view when the environment is updated, which is kind of annoying. :frowning:

I’m not sure if this is the expected behaviour or it’s an issue in the UI. I’ve not looked through the Issues to confirm if this has been raised by someone.


My wording was off, what I really intent to do is to find a way to hide the column.

This leads to your answer. I’ll submit a request to the postman team and update here once I hear back from them.

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Thanks @cnoval for pointing us here :slight_smile:

To confirm, it’s a not a “bug” that the environment quick view doesn’t respect column hiding in MANAGE ENVIRONMENTS , and there isn’t a way to toggle value columns in the quick view right now.

I just filed an FR to add support for this. Check it out, and feel free to add your comments and feedback!