Environment Initial Value vs. Current Value


I’m maintaining a team workspace where we have a few environments in each we have variables configured. My question is: I though I’d be able to share initial values (on the cloud) for my team to be used by default and that the current values won’t sync to the cloud and stay local to the developers. However, whenever a current value is updated by a developer it does sync to everyone…
What am I missing here?

Thanks, Ofer.

Hi @ofers, you can read the following to turn off the setting (every developer needs to do this, unfortunately this isn’t a global setting for the entire team as of now): https://github.com/postmanlabs/postman-app-support/issues/5258

For further information, read more about sessions in postman.


Please make setting change more prominent in the documentation. From reading the docs, it appears, that current values are never persisted, when in fact they are by default.