How do I choose which display monitor Postman opens on by default?

My computer has 2 LCD display monitors (Note: I’m talking about the computer peripheral used by my computer to show me the programs I work with, NOT the Postman feature that uses the same name.) Postman by default opens on my primary monitor, the left one, but I’d rather it opens by default on the right one. Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to change this?

Hey @nakikan,

You’re really asking an operating system question, not an application question. I was able to find this as a possible solution if you are using Windows:

  1. Open the program.
  2. Move it to the monitor on which you would like it to open by default.
  3. Hit the Windows key + Shift + Enter.

From now on, it should open each time on the monitor of your preference.

SuperUser article for reference.


Alternatively on macOS (10+) you can do so by right-clicking your app in the Dock, hovering “Options” and selecting the display on which you want it to show by default (as shown below).

If you can’t see the option to select a specific desktop, you may have to add a new Space to one of your Display to enable it as explained in this article (

Unfortunately, that does not work in this case. I’ve tried moving the window to the second monitor using drag and drop and then pressing windows-shift-enter, but it still opens on my primary monitor by default. I’ve tried the same by using Windows-Shift-Arrow keys to move the window and then windows-shift-enter, but after closing the window it again opened on the primary monitor. As you can read from that SuperUser article, it doesn’t always work for all programs.