How can I run API from share collection using public url?

I have created collection with multiple api. Share that collection with Public URL.

Now I am running that collection using shared url then only first api running each time.

can anyone give example based on it

here is collection

Hi @CV-JigneshP! Welcome back to the community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As I understand it, you are running the collection containing 3 requests using newman and only 1 request is being executed, is that correct?

If you run the collection using collection runner on Postman app (instead of newman), do you see the same issue?

Also can you share the public URL that you are passing newman?

I am looking forward to hearing back from you! :slightly_smiling_face:

yes correct when i run this from newman then also i am seeing same thing.
but i figure out the way to run multiple request.

const csv = require(‘csv-parser’);
const fs = require(‘fs’);

.on(‘data’, (row) => {
.on(‘end’, () => {
console.log(‘CSV file successfully processed’);

this is new question for me.

postman show Error: Cannot find module ‘csv-parser’ eventhough i have install using npm

i got reference from below url:

Is the Public Link getting updated each time you save the Collection?

That link is just a snapshot in time and if changes are made to the Collection, you need to manually update the link, as these changes are not automatically reflected.

That’s more than likely the reason why it looks fine in the app and runner but not showing the correct information when running with Newman.

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