After generating apikey, still, i can able to run without using apikey, why?

My aim is to run the postman collection in Newman command line without exporting collection, So I used a Public share API link to run.

I can able to run my collection in Newman using collection public shared link, but I want to add security to my collection by generating API key, and I added to the run command like this$uid?apikey=$apiKey

After generating apikey, still, I can able to run collection in Newman without using apikey, why? It is supposed not to run after I generated ApiKey right? I have more than 150 request in that collection, Do I need to add apikey to all 150 request header/param? Please help me solve the issue.

Hi @IssacJackson :wave:

Thank you! We have received your support ticket and since this issue is being addressed there - closing out this thread. Feel free to post out any other queries here :slight_smile:

Also, to let users know about the resolution:

Running without API key should provide users below error:

Regenerating a new API key and sending request as below should help!

newman run