How can i recover the delete global Environment Variable


I came cross the issue , by-mistake i deleted the the global environment variable. Is there anyway to recover those variable


Hi @priyanka.singh092

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Unfortunately, the global environments cannot be restored and the potential security ramifications of decrypting sensitive environment variables are why. Below is the feature request to add that functionality

Happy to share some context to prevent this issue from happening again. If you only “remove” the environment from the workspace, you can add it to back to your workspace again:


If this is the case, then you (or the person who created the environment) can look for it on, and then click ​on “Share” to add it back to a workspace.

You can also check the above page to see if this environment is still in another workspace, and if it is, share it back to the workspace you need it in.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: