All environments cleared/wiped out

Suddenly, recently, ALL my environment variables in ALL of my environments were cleared. Both all current values and all default values were cleared. This is a serious set back for me.

What caused all my environment variables to be emptied? Did it happen due to an upgrade to 10.18.2?

I think, but am not sure, that in one of my environments not only were the values cleared but the entries themselves were deleted.

Any way to recover these missing values?

Any idea what caused this problem?

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Hi @kennethshine

You could have a look in your history tab to see if there were any tracked changes recently. And if they are there you would have a log of what is missing :crossed_fingers:

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That doesnโ€™t sound like a great situation :cry:

  • Were you signed into an account while using the environments?
  • Were all of your changes saved?
  • Have you at any point exported the environment file that could be used as a back up?
  • The history of your requests could show you the resolved values of the variables that might be used to recreate them?
  • Are there any environment file related edits in the change Workspace Activity Feed?

@w4dd325 Thanks for the reply.
As far as I can tell, the History is not helpful in my case. It shows the requests that have been issued. But I did not issue a 'wipe clean all my envs" request, so such a request does not show up in my history.

Also, loosing the env means loosing the values of the variables in the env. The history shows the requests made including the user of the variable in the request e.g. https://{{myHost}}/{{myUrl}}. So I cannot even look thru the history to see the values of the now deleted variable values.


Same here, I created an account and using Settings โ†’ Data โ†’ Migrate Data โ†’ Move Scratch Pad data to your workspace, I was able to restore my collections but not the environments.

Is this expected behavior?

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Were there no environment files or were there files without the variable values set?

Hello @danny-dainton

There were no environment files. Before creating the account I had created an environment using the button (not from import).

Also, in 10.18.2, the export environment feature exports the env variables WITHOUT the values of the variables. I tested this on both my system and on a co-workers system.

Hey @kennethshine

If the values were only added to the Current value field and not the Initial value, they wouldnโ€™t be part of the export file as those are not syncโ€™d.

This is the expected behaviour for variables at all scopes.