I lost my environments after joining a team

Hi I lost all my environments, including the variable contents when I joined a team (even on my personal workspace). How can I recover them?

I am not sure environments end up in Trash, but I would check the Trash folder ASAP.

Thank you @vdespa. Indeed that was the first place I checked, it seems it only saves collections and other elements, but not environments. Any other clue?

Not sure if you have or not but have you checked the Postman API?

I’m unsure about the state of your app when you lost these but it’s worth a check.

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Alternatively, to what @dannydainton suggested, open your profile page from the Postman App and check if you can still see your environments there.

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As per @dannydainton suggestion, did you tried checking the Postman API? https://learning.getpostman.com/docs/postman/postman_api/intro_api/

If it is still an issue, please write to us at help@getpostman.com from your registered email ID with the detailed description on this issue and we’ll look into this.