How can I get more than 100 tweets?

Hello to all of you

I’m new to both postman and the Twitter api and I don’t know much about programming (I’m a psychology researcher).
I would like to search for all tweets containing a word between two dates. But the question is that I only manage to download 100. How can I get ALL the tweets.

Here is an example
I want to collect all the tweets written in French from 17 January to 17 January (for example) that contain the word metooinceste.
How should I do it (I have api and researcher credentials and I have managed to do the search and display it but it only downloads 100 tweets and that’s the problem).

Hi @cryosat-cosmonaut-15, welcome to the community!

For twitter apis, there is cap of 100, which means a maximum of 100 results can be fetched at a time. You may need to check in the documentation of API being consumed if there is a possibility of pagination. If yes, then you may need to identify parameters to achieve so. For example, below is the documentation of premium search API.

There is a way to achieve next 100 results by passing additional parameter “next”.

Thank you! I´ve got it! And how can I save all the results at once? Or how can I display them all at once (I know how to display results but in each query only the new ones are displayed)

Hello @cryosat-cosmonaut-15, because of API design the developer has some restrictions and that’s why he have used the pagination. You can’t view all requests at once, you need to go through next :slight_smile: