Automate Twitter Lookup

Hi -

I’m a newbie. I’ve gotten teh twitter API working with Postman. I haven’t been able to work through this problem as I’ve looked through examples.

Twitter currently lets me look up 100 people at a time.

It works great as of right now. I have larger lists of twitter users and automate the process, thousands at a time that I’d like to run.

I apologize if the question is easily asked an answered.

  • Kombiz

That’s not really a Postman issue per se.

It’s a Twitter API issue, so you need to review their API documentation.

Working around the issue by bundling the request into smaller chunks may still be against their terms of use. I suspect running 1000’s at a time may result in you being recognised as a BOT and banned.

If it’s not against their terms of use, then you will need to perform some sort of paged request, where it sends it 100 at a time.

This will require extra code in either a pre-request script, or possibly by using sendRequest, or even using a data driven approach.

I would be Googling this first as you can’t be the only person who has asked this question.

You say you’ve looked through examples. As the blurb advises when posting a question. What have you tried? Please include any code, or screenshots on what you’ve tried.