Help me control a camera

Hi there,

I have a camera that has an Open API and protocols on GitHub. I am looking to do some tests, ultimately figuring out how to control them via a raspberry pi.

I am new to any kind of coding/testing/postman.

I was hoping to test the API. It has lots of GET commands. I was wondering if anybody could assist with me.

The camera has a static IP. Is connected via cat 5 to my iMac running postman.

I’ve tried a request, typing in the IP address of the camera but I don’t know where to add a GET request. Some commands have more codes below also, which I am not sure where to copy.

I did fluke, getting it to record but cannot replicate.

I can’t seem to import the API either from the RAW on github.

Github link to API commands;

Any ideas?

Ultimately once I’ve played with the API is there a means of me exporting code for a Raspberry Pi to run?


Paul Munday