Help for a new Noob

Yesterday I tried to fork and to connect to Msgraph using Postman, but when I try to request a token the postman window will never close, without any logs or message that can help me to diagnose
this popup has run for 12 hours without any result?
On the azure side everything correctly set, client ID, secret ID, Reply URL, etc…

Can anyone help? it will be grateful,

Many thx

make sure your call back ip is set correctly and authenticate using browser is unchecked

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Moving this topic to Just getting started for tidiness. Welcome to the community + to using Postman, @avionics-astronaut-5.

If @praveendvd’s recommendation worked, could you mark it as the solution? Then if other people have the same issue, they’ll see what works. Thanks!

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Hey @hannah.neil, I’m a noob too, could you tell me where I can read about “Fork”, I just can’t figure out what it is and how to use it

Hi hope this helps :smiley::hugs: