Support for Authentication


I am working on Microsoft graph existing APIs, the problem I am facing I am not able to get access token and I am getting 401 error. Please help me out in this.


There is next to no information to allow anyone to help you out.

You need to show the request that is being submitted.

I’m assuming you are getting token first and including this in the request as that is the error you get when you try to access the API without a token.

Try the following;


I am sharing request which I am sending and after that I am getting error.


This request I am sending and I do not have any token. It is asking me to generate a token.

Please help me out in this I am beginner in this API Postman.


You need to have a token before you can access that end point.

If you are new to Postman, then please go through the basic courses first.

Postman Galaxy Training | Postman API Network

Run through the “APIs 101 Training”, then the “Testing and Automation Training” course.

Once you have done that, the link I provided details the steps you need to take to use consume the Microsoft Graph API.

Connecting to the graph API is advanced functionality. You need to start with the basics, or you will get yourself into a mess.

In order to connect, you need to provide some pretty confidential data, including tenant information, so you need to know what you are doing.