GSoC Idea: Newman Request

@research-astronomer Thank you so much for writing in.

I have notified the mentors and they will look into this asap and respond shortly.

Do keep an eye on the PR request too


Sure, thank you. I have updated the PR as well, after making some commits.

@Sharath_Iyengar should I share the doc here as well? I have attached it in the email I sent, to the GSoC team. All the information is available in the PR as well.

@research-astronomer as mentioned in the guideline please stick to sharing your project ideas via google documents whereas your community contributions can be by solving existing issues.

Please don’t mix both of these, although we would love to see a brief implementation or effort towards the project idea, considering that to be community contribution would not be the right approach.

Please share the doc link with with editor access.


Hi @Sharath_Iyengar,
I started working on this PR before I joined the GSoC community forum. That is why I was unaware of the guidelines. After reading the guidelines, I will be using PR comments only to give details about new commits and updates that I make to that PR. :slight_smile:

I agree with you that I have put more effort towards the project idea and its implementation and it isn’t good to mix it with the community contribution component that in my opinion, is a separate thing. That is why I am also working on other existing issues and will raise PR for them, when ready, and I will update the document.

Having said that, it would be really helpful if I can get early feedback about my direction and ideas, as I am already long way through the POC. It would be great if you can introduce me to my mentor and I am looking forward to work with him/her. As you suggested, here is my draft proposal:

I have included my project summary which can be reviewed by the mentor. I have also given editor access to

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Thank you so much for expressing your views so clearly. Appreciate it :slight_smile:

The document has been received and will be circulated with the mentors shortly. For now tagging the mentors @utkarsh.maheshwari @pranav-singhal @raghav.garg

Please do rename it as per the convention shared here – GSoC 2021 Guidelines - #7 by Sharath_Iyengar

Cheers and best of luck

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@Sharath_Iyengar Hi,
I am yet to hear from a GSoC mentor.
@utkarsh.maheshwari, @pranav-singhal, @raghav.garg @udit.vasu , would be really helpful if someone could review the project summary on high level, so that I can know I am in the right direction and can complete my proposal for submission.
Doc: 11

Thank you so much for the followup. The mentors will definitely look into this.

Request your patience.


@research-astronomer Thanks for submitting a good proposal! I’ve left a few comments. Let me know when you’re ready for a second round of review. :slight_smile:

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@utkarsh.maheshwari Thanks for your valuable feedback! As per your suggestions in the comment, I have added some details in the ‘Description of Work’ topic of the proposal. The doc is ready for a second round of review. Please let me know if the description of work is complete or is there something more to be added or modified. :slight_smile:
Doc link:

@utkarsh.maheshwari @pranav-singhal @raghav.garg I have further updated the schedule/timeline for the project in the doc, along with the detailed description of project. Kindly check it and please suggest any modifications, if any.
Doc link:

@research-astronomer The proposal looks good. Added a few comments. :slight_smile:

@utkarsh.maheshwari Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. I have thoroughly gone through your comments and replied to them, and made some updates in the proposal. Kindly check and let me know what you think. Will make the necessary updates/modifications as per your further suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hello @Sharath_Iyengar ,
I want to implement the idea of Newman Request feature, it seems convincing to me:
I will be able to provide all the three expected outcomes for this feature, a detailed description of how I will implement is is given in the proposal I have mailed to and have given editor access.

Please have a look at the proposal, I will be highly greatful to you.
Here is the draft proposal:

@utkarsh.maheshwari @Sharath_Iyengar @raghav.garg @pranav-singhal @udit.vasu ,
I have updated my proposal as your suggestions. Today is the last day of application. Kindly please have a final look then I would apply tonight. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for writing in. The mentors have been added to the document and notified.


The mentors have been requested for a followup review but as the deadline is close by and we have a ton of requests coming in, cannot guarantee a review and in the timeframe you would expect but we will try our very best

Thank you for understanding

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@utkarsh.maheshwari @pranav-singhal @raghav.garg @Sharath_Iyengar @udit.vasu
Thank you for your feedback in the last few days. It was great to discuss ideas with each other. It really helped me improve my proposal. I have submitted the final proposal on the GSoC website. Looking forward to working on this project under your mentorship. I will use this community post thread to further update if there is any progress in this project and if there are more ideas. :smiley:


@utkarsh.maheshwari @Sharath_Iyengar hope you’re safe and doing well. :slight_smile:
As a part of my proposal, I request you to include my new community contribution as well.
Issue: [Feature Request] Include more request information under the `--verbose` flag · Issue #2725 · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub
My PR: Add request and response header in verbose by raghavbhatia336 · Pull Request #2730 · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub

@research-astronomer Sure! Even if you did/did not mention these in the proposal, we are aware of the contributions. We’ll surely consider them. :slight_smile:
Stay safe!

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