Postman integration issue with GitHub Custom Domain

I am trying to back up my collections in GitHub Custom Domain. For that I am following GitHub | Postman Learning Center. When I click on Authenticate and Proceed button, I receive “Oops! Looks like you did not enter the token associated with this custom domain. Please enter correct token and domain.”. I have verified the account that I am using have access to organization(custom domain). So the Personal Access Token should be able to allow access the custom domain. The GitHub Custom Domain I have is “”. I am not sure where to trouble shoot. Please advise.

Hi @amaki4171

Have you been through the troubleshooting bullets at the bottom of that link?

Looks like I am not on Enterprise edition. Let me update and retry integration.

I am using Github Enterprise cloud, should I still be using Postman Enterprise plan? As Postman suggesting "[GitHub Enterprise Server integrations are only available on Postman Enterprise plans.]

I have tried all troubleshooting options nothing seems to work.