Getting a 403 Forbidden error trying to access Doordash


I’m not too familiar with postman but I’ve ran into a problem I can’t seem to find a solution to. Basically, I’m trying to preview a request response following this short and simple tutorial method but I keep running into 403 error. (The YT method did work for github)

Basically I did the following:

  • I enabled requests and cookies capture using interceptor
  • Open the site on my browser (with and without logging in)
  • I sent a request to access the DoorDash Merchant Portal

Every time I sent a request through postman, it returned a 403 Forbidden. How does this happen?

I then logged into my account on my chrome browser while intercepting cookies and tried sending a request for the homepage and same thing happened.

Can Doordash detect and block Postman? or am I missing something related to authentication?

I’d really appreciate some help on that one!