403 Forbidden post request


I’m need to POST data to my church website, I have an account on it and for this i tried to make a POST request to “(End Session - Soul Tracker)”. The result returned an 403 error. I am very new to postman and request so I don’t know what to do to solve this problem. I even tried to use chrome devtools to analyze the http request over the network but did not work, still getting 403 error. I may probably be missing a step or steps because I am new.

Please, help me

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Hi @sanikana

It sounds like your account doesn’t have permission to do what you are trying to do. Are you able to check with server admins and maybe get your account privilege increased?

403 Forbidden indicates Authentication was successful (otherwise would return 401 unauthorized ) but the authenticated user does not have access to the resource, e.g. they don’t have the required roles or permissions.

Yes, you are right @w4dd325. But I don’t know the admin personally, I just want to submit my report and is too many to enter one by one. Please, which other way can i do this. Thank you for respond.

The simple answer is; “You need to be given the correct access”.
Without being given the correct access you’d technically be hacking the server, as it is specifically set up to restrict said access.

Hope that helps…

thank you for your reply!