Unable to get information from mailinator API with Postman

I’m trying to get information from mailinator API with Postman. The request is GET https://mailinator.com/api/v2/domains/private/inboxes/*?token=[myToken] (I’m using Public - Free plan)
In Postman (desktop application) result is 403 Forbiden. Same request returns expected response (200) when I open it in browser or using web version of Postman (with Cloud agent). It was working fine also in Postman app few weeks ago, but stops… May be the problem is in Cloudflare, I don’t know… Is there anyone with similar problem and is there solution for it?

Hi @yordanstanchev. Welcome to the Postman Community.

This doesn’t look like it is an issue with Postman. I will recommend that you carefully go over the API documentation to see what you’re missing. A 403 status code indicates that the server is working as expected but can not grant you access to the specified resource. Ensure you have Authorization properly setup i.e your tokens are not expired, you’re granted the right authorization scopes, you’re querying the right resource, etc

Authorization is this query parameter “token”. I get the request from desktop Postman (where it returns 403) and paste it in browser and it works. When I try with web version, it works with Cloud agent and doesn’t work with Desktop agent…

Where did you get the token from?

As far as I’m aware, the Mailinator Public Free plan doesn’t allow API access.

Are you sure you aren’t on the Verified Pro Subscription?

If it’s working in the Web Version of Postman, but not in the Desktop then it could potentially be something network related, but a 403 error usually means you can communicate with the server and there is something wrong with the authentication\request.

How are you storing the myToken variable? Collection\Environment? If using Environment are you using the initial or current value. Remembering that current values do not sync.

Check the console log to see what is actually being sent. Does the URL include your token as you would expect?

First request (200) is with Cloud agent, second one is with Desktop agent (Desktop agent works fine with other API). Only difference between requests is Postman-Token in the request headers and user agent to execute the request…

Expand the request out in the console logs. Check everything to see if there are any differences. Including headers, etc.

The only real difference is that one request is going straight from the Postman Cloud, and the other request is going locally through the Desktop Agent.

If you were having network/connectivity issues with the Desktop Agent, I would expect a different status code than 403.

What is actually being returned in that response. It looks like its returning an HTML page. Is there anything in that page that might provide more information?

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