Getting '1' as a response after making a GET API call


I’m using POSTMAN to test a GET call to our vendor API.

I can access the API directly on the browser and one of my colleague
is getting a proper response when he use the POSTMAN chrome plugin.

This is very strange behavior.

I’m using my work laptop, which is of course behind org firewall and proxies.

I have made the require settings changes and its working with 200 OK status code but with blank (1) response.

Attached is the screenshot.

Hey @jbishtkiwirail :wave: Welcome to the Postman Community!

This looks like an issue with the Vendor API you are using.

The 1 you see is the line number, so essentially you are getting a blank response.
A 200 OK at least implies that your Firewalls and Proxies aren’t creating any issues to reach the API endpoints.

I would start by comparing the request your colleagues is sending, to make sure all of the following match:

  • The request URL (make sure you both are hitting the same endpoint)
  • Request Parameters (make sure exact values are being used)
  • Request Headers (again make sure exact key and values are in use)
  • The request “Method” (Make sure the request requires the GET method - fix it if you a different method, say POST is being used)

My hunch is that the vendor’s API is silently failing and incorrectly returning a 200 OK; As from Postman’s perspective it was able to send the request fine and even got a 200 OK.

If everything matches between your colleagues and your request, you should reach out to the vendor to troubleshoot this further to understand why it is not processing your particular request properly.