Postman GET returns body as blank

I am trying to hit a proxy through GET by passing API key. It works perfectly fine in unix command using ‘curl’ but in postman response code is 200 but not getting the expected body. JSON data which it is supposed to return coming as blank

@nikhilprabhu078 Welcome to the community.
This does sound like a strange situation. Do you think you can provide an example of the call you are doing? removing any private information of course.

It would help in us being able to assist you.

I have a URL with some parameters. In authorization I am giving my API key. When I hit the URL I get response code as 200 but in the response let us say abc[] I am getting. I am supposed to get some numbers inside that bracket [].

This is what I get as a response. I have removed the “href” part in result which is next url which needs to hit. In allocationCC I will get some CC numbers in json format when I hit through CURL.