GET to retrieve an image briefly shows code 200 immediately followed by "Could not get any response"

I have an API to retrieve images from storage. We have other clients that can retrieve these images without an issue. In fact, Postman used to. Now Postman briefly shows response code 200, which immediately disappears, then Postman displays “Could not get any response. There was an error connecting to …”.

My audits show that the service had accessed the image. It seems Postman got the response code before the image was fully downloaded, causing the stream to be disposed mid-download.

Since the other clients don’t have this issue I am hoping there might be some setting in Postman fix this or a workaround.

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Could you check out the following response in other thread and see if this helps?

If the issue persists, could you provide further information on the API to help us reproduce the same?

Thanks for your response Raj. However the endpoint is being accessed. I have a audit service that shows the API request was executed. Because Postman briefly show the 200 OK status before the error I this the result code is coming back while the system is still streaming the image. As soon as the code is send my disposable stream object is disposed before the all bytes have been streamed and the stream closed. What is curious is that other clients do not show this issue and Postman in deed, didn’t before. does execute successfully.

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That’s strange! Well in that case - could you please raise a ticket to support from this link here or write to us at to check this further :slight_smile:

Thanks Raj, I will create a ticket

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Hi Raj, this turned out not to be a Postman issue. If we can close this please.

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Sure - no problem :slight_smile: