Generate Postman CLI Configuration

The CI/CD configuration provider dropdown is currently not populated, an error message Cannot fetch template for configuring Postman CLI is being displayed. I need help with a sample postman cli configuration file (.yaml) for gitlab.

Hey @hassanyahya :wave:

Do you have any more details about the platform you’re using (Desktop/Web) and the version? Which plan type is this?

I’m not seeing the same thing happening on my side and the providers are loaded when the tab loads :thinking:

1/ The issue is happening on both Web and Desktop for me.
2/ It’s a free tier account
3/ Version 10.22.13
UI Version: 10.22.13-ui-240205-0449
Desktop Platform Version: 10.22.0 (10.22.0)

The list is populated on page load from this public URL:

Are you able to open that list in a browser window?

Yes, I am able to open it.

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