How do you integrate Newman into an appveyor.yml file?

Hi everyone! I was wondering, since this is my first time using appveyor, how does one incorporate a postman collection into an appveyor.yml file?

@zbaker_apex This can be done quite easily by using newman as a CLI tool and the following AppVeyor config:

#    environment configuration    #

# scripts that are called at very beginning, before repo cloning
  - git config --global core.autocrlf input

# environment variables
    - nodejs_version: "10"

# scripts that run after cloning repository
  - ps: Install-Product node $env:nodejs_version
  - npm cache clean --force
  - appveyor-retry npm install -g newman

build: off # Disable MSBuilds, not related to the regular build process

# to run your custom scripts instead of automatic tests
  - node --version && npm --version
  - cmd: "newman run ..."  # ADD YOUR OPTIONS HERE

# to disable deployment
deploy: off

Thank you! I really appreciate the help!

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