Follow hyperlink in JSON response converting to escape codes

In the past, when accessing a JSON response that has hyperlinks for another API call, Postman would allow me to click on the link and create a new tab with the hyperlinked API call in the GET box.

Today, however, Postman is still allowing me to click on the hyperlink, but now the link in the GET box has escaped characters instead of the actual characters. For example:*%2C)/{id}/parameter?page%3D{page}%26size%3D50

should be:*,)/{id}/parameter?page={page}&size=50

Why is Postman changing the comma (,) to %2C and the equal (=) to %3D?

Mac Mojave 10.14.5
Postman Native App 7.3.0

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi @michelyoung, this issue has already been reported here - GitHub 6832

You can subscribe and follow that thread for further updates regarding it, it’ll hit the Canary version as soon as it’s fixed and you’ll be able to test it out.

Closing this topic.