Un-escape JSON String from the response

Hi All,
Is there any setting in POSTMAN where I can get rid of an escape character backslash from the string response.
When I debug the response from oracle , it shows the expected response without backslash .
However, POSTMAN response shows escape character backslash .

Hi @gasogb!

So it looks like your “value” prop is a string which is why there are escape character backslashes being used (otherwise your quotation marks wouldn’t work!). Postman does not inherently alter the API response. It will display the response as it is received.

If you want to view this string as a JSON object in Postman, you can parse it using JavaScript in the “Tests” tab.

let response = pm.response.json(); // Parse the response
let value = JSON.parse(response.value); // Parse the 'value' field
console.log(value); // Log the result to the console

When you run this script, the value field will be logged to the Postman console as a JSON object, without the backslashes.

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Thank you very much @Kevin .
It works like a charm!
Your prompt response is much appreciated.