Fedora: Error loading V8 startup snapshot file

Hi, I have trouble running Postman on:

Fedora Linux 37 Workstation, 64 bit
Gnome 43.3
11th gen Intel i7 11850H x 16

I tried to install it with snap. The installation process finished, but the icon never appeared.

Next I tried installing it manually, by downloading the tarball, unzipping it, copying its contents to /opt/Postman and creating a symlink. When I’m trying to run it, I receive this error:

[0224/121558.882358:FATAL:v8_initializer.cc(508)] Error loading V8 startup snapshot file

What causes this error, and how can I fix it?

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I faced the same problem in Ubuntu 22 today. Any solution?

Hello, Same error here, any clues ?



Guys, I was receiving the same error, I used the following command to fix this issue:

sudo apt-get install libgconf-2-4

I am using Linux Mint 21.2

Found on this page: Install and update Postman | Postman Learning Center

Thanks @Bandoleiro. On Fedora the fix was: sudo dnf install libgconf-2.so.4