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Postman: The name says it all

As apple is to apple , there is no other comparison than API is to postman. “Postman” have evolved from being a mere API tool to being API advocators, who plays a critical role in moving the technology world into an “API first future proof“ space. The power that API brings into both the open source and licensed software space is beyond magical. It provides unlimited possibility of integrating solutions and creating marvellous software products. When talking about such an API first ecosystem there will hardly be any stage that doesn’t utilize the power of “Postman”

“Postman” provides an API development eco system that can cater your API first development by providing all tools and solutions that is required for a smooth API development. A tool like “Postman” not only makes the life of QA engineers easier, but also makes it easier for Development teams, Stakeholders etc through better cross team collaboration.

In this talk, I’ll present you with baby steps into API world and then lets together dive deep into some unexplored cool features of postman that will surely makes your API world much more easier and fun.

surely going to be interesting!

About me:

Praveen has been working in the quality domain from last 5+ years and have worked across diverse technical domains, and projects in organizations like Mphasis (HPE) and Siemens. Currently he is working as a Test Automation Engineer with Eurofins Ltd, His expertise spreads across Front end test automation , API test automation, and Mobile test automation . He is an active contributor to postman and front end test automation community and helping fellow members through blogs and answers in stack overflow, medium, LinkedIn and postman community forum. He was recognized for his contributions in the postman community by being named in the postman community spotlight, and has +11K scores in both “stack overflow” and “SQA- stack overflow” platforms that shows his immense passion and interest about the subject and in the attitude of sharing that knowledge with the community.


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