Swagger import issue - Failed to create API

My question:
How can I find out what exactly is the issue with importing a collection from swagger?

Details (like screenshots):
I am trying to import the following swagger https://test.swappaccess.com/swagger/v0/swagger.json to create a postman collection with it but there seems to be an issue that i cannot get enough info about what it is.

In the app, I’m getting the following error:

Import Failed

There was an unexpected error. Please try again.

In the logs, there are the following logs:

[5639][1644650519001][requester][warn][“APIDevService~createAPI: Failed to create API.”,{“error”:{“message”:“SyncRequestService\x7erequest: Undefined response returned”},“status”:200,“headers”:{}}]
[5639][1644650519001][requester][warn][“Import~handleImportAsAPI: Failed to import API”,{“error”:{“message”:“SyncRequestService\x7erequest: Undefined response returned”},“status”:200,“headers”:{}}]

It seems to me that these are the only logs written when I try the import.

I would say the logs and error message are not specific enough for me to understand if the issue is with swagger or an internal Postman issue. Swagger seems to me to work ok here Swagger UI

Can you help me investigate this issue or give me some clues for how to identify the real issue?

Running the following Postman:

Postman for Linux
Version 8.12.5
linux 5.13.0-28-generic / x64

How I found the problem:
When importing a collection from a swagger.json file

I’ve already tried:
Checking logs to find out what the exact issue is. unfortunately only the logs above are showing, which doens’t tell me exactly what is wrong. Swagger itself works fine here → Swagger UI

Hi @andrei
Have a look at this thread, looks like the same “SyncRequestService\x7erequest” error;