Sync fails in the Latest update

I am having trouble syncing my POSTMAN data after updating it to the latest version. Though my system is having active internet, Postman says it is not connected to internet and sync fails. I am attaching a screenshot here. This does not shows the internet connnectivity very clearly, however if we see the internet connection icon in the taskbar, it is connected.

Hi @akash.anand,

To help us understand where it may be failing can you let us know which operating system you’re running as well as if you’re using a firewall?

I am using Windows system and the app was working fine till the previous version. I updated it 2 days ago and have been seeing this “sync” issue since then. There is no firewall as such enabled for the system. And every 2 -3 seconds postman tries to sync thinking that I am offline. However internet is fine. Browsers etc are working fine.

@akash.anand Can you send a screenshot of the Console tab in View -> Developer -> Show Devtools (Shared)?

Here is recording.

(Attachment 4BO2aMXPVn.mp4 is missing)