Executing multiple API's inside one Collections under tests tab

Please assume,

Name of collection is “Fruits.”
sub folders inside collection with 3 request

  1. get fruit by mango
  2. get fruit by apply
  3. put Update fruit by name.

is there any way , that we can execute all the 3 API in one request and if one of the API’s fail then “Fruits” is failed.

I have tried to use pre-request scripts tab and added all the 3 API using pm.sendRequest() , but when i execute it , postman ask me to add one API request compulsory .

I Have Solved it,
Thank You.

Hey @yashzode,
Could you share what worked for you? It could help folks having a similar question or facing a similar issue.

Yes Sure, @meenakshi.dhanani
I am happy to support.
My mail id: zodeyash@gmail.com


I have validated each request using json schema and added it to collection variable.
Similarly for response code.

At the last of the request ,
Under the test tab, I am calling each collection variable and checking if everything is good or not good.
If everything is good then, pm.response.

If one of them is not good then ,

tests["collection name - expecting ABC | actual recieved xyz ]=false;

Also I have used array , if there are multiple failures then it will push it into array.
Example: array.push(“expected … actual…”);
Then just write,
test[“collection name”+array]=false

As I export this postman collection
with the help of newman I am now able to upload into zephyr jira.