Inject Code into test-script

Hi guys,

I want to ask, if there is a way to “inject” code to every test script in postman?
That I dont need to paste it everywhere, for each API-test?

Thanks a lot

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Hi @Anton39,

You can add the test script at a collection level, so that the test script gets executed for each request in the collection, thereby removing the need to add the same script for each request.

You can do that by following the steps given in the following link:


Thanks a lot.
Is it possible to add a test script for multiple collections?
For example, I have 10 collections, and all need to use the same script?
Maybe there is a way to do it with postman?


No, it is not possible to add the same test script because ideally, each collection is a self-contained unit executing a specific set of related functions and responsibilities, so there would be no need to execute the same test script across multiple collections.The structure is such that multiple related requests are organised into folders, which are then in turn organised into a collection.
But then again, each user is free to organise their collections and tests based on how it works best for them.

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Is it possible to include this script once and run the collection in newman?
If yes, how?

Is it also possible to run a pre-script for every collection?
That I dont need to duplicate the code?

Hi @Anton39,

You can add the Test scripts and Pre-Request scripts at the collection level as I mentioned previously and you can refer the following link which will provide you the required information to start running collections using Newman CLI.