Multiple executions of test in collection run with 1 iteration


I am creating automation test for my postman collection. Right now, I have simple function in my collection Pre-request script, which I am calling in my requests.
This function just checking, if response body contains all attributes from array. I am calling this functon within for cycle, so it takes all attributes from array and check parsed body.
Everything is fine when I run single request, and cycles are executed in order.
But when I run whole collection, there are some troubles. It runs some steps multiple times, so I can see that instead of 30 tests, there are 48 for example, for one request. Also, tests are in weird order, which doesn’t corresponds with order within the test script.
I tried to run collection without stored cookies, with small delay, but nothing helps.



On these screenshot you can see, that in test script, there is only 1 test. But in the results of collection run, there are 2 executions. This happens for everything in my collection. (for requests with more test in for cycle it seems that second run is executed halfway…)

Can someone help me with that?

Thanks for your suggestions.