Postman is getting "Error: socket hang up" when trying Post

I am receiving “Error: socket hang up” when sending a Post transaction using the following URL:


It was working fine but all of a sudden, it stopped working and started giving the above error. It is very critical for me to get this one working again. Its working fine for my other colleagues using same URL and credentials.

Any urgent help will be highly appreciated.


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Hey @afarooq80 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman community :postman:

Should this is running on port 8080 or 9000?

It’s showing port 9000 in the console output under the Proxy settings.

Have to done a comparison side by side with a working request to see if its any different?

Hi Danny, its port 8080 as its working fine for other colleagues. I have tried diff scenarios but none of them are working.

Used https as well instead of http but with the same eror

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