Error while importing: format not recognized

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Error while importing: format not recognized

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Hi @navigation-physicis4

Not much information to go off here…

What are you trying to import? A folder or a file?
Is it an exported JSON collection or some other file?

Could you show what the content of the file in question looks like?

Yes, It’s a json file I can’t import it to postman

So what is it you are trying to import?

Is it a previously exported collection or environment?

Or just a test data file?

yes just a test data file

Pretty sure the importer looks for specific data so that it can recognise what you are importing.

When exporting files from Postman you would see this sort of stuff at the top of the file;

If you are just trying to pass in a random JSON data file Postman wont understand what it is or where it should live.

Data files like this should be passed in via the “Runner”;

Or via a Newman argument if running in command line etc.