Error while importing : format not recognized


I search in the others topic but i don’t find the answer of my problem.

Recently, I can’t import the collection exported by an other person.

And when I exported my collection, this person can’t import it, but when I import my exportation I have no problem

The error message is : Error while importing : format not recognized

In the exportation I selected “Exploitation sonde will be exported as a JSON file. Export as: Collection v2.1 (recommended)”

do you have an idea to help me ? please

Hi @Yushino :wave:

Could you provide us the screenshot of the error? Also, can you try to import as API and then Generate collection from it?


Hello subramanya.raj

We can resolve the problem.

The problem came from the anti-virus software.

It’s change the url in the collection to add its url.

Thanks for your reply

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@Yushino Glad to know you managed to resolve this :tada:

Could you let us know what exactly was changed, which might be helpful for other users facing this? Was it just disabling the anti-virus or were there any changes made to the exported collection (any specifics)?