Issue Runner and Environment Variable in URL

Hi All,

New to Postman, so want to see if I’m missing something before I declare this as a bug.

I have several different servers running slight variations of the same a .Net Web API service. (Dev, SIT, UAT, PROD) All environments use https, but of course have different URLs. I’m also debugging locally via localhost, which is standard http.

I have a single Collection which tests each of my web api methods. I’ve also created a different Postman Environment for each of the servers. Each one has an Environment Variable called UrlBase, such that I can run the same tests on each of the different servers.

I have the url for each method in the Collection set to {{UrlBase}}/api/SomeMethodName, so that I can test each method on each of the different servers just by changing the Environment. UrlBase is set to “https://myProdServer”, etc.

Executing a single method in the collection works great. Methods get json data, the tests I’ve written pass, etc. A problem happens when I go to use the Runner though. Looking at the run results, I can see where it’s appending an extra “http://” in front of my URLs, such that it’s now trying to hit http://https:/myProdServer.

I realize it’s essentially treating the ‘//’ as a single ‘/’ in my environment variable. I was able to get around this for the localhost version by dropping the http:// in front, but that doesn’t seem to work when I need to use https. Any way around this?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, just as a work around to my own question: I created two variables. One for httpType which can be “http” or “https”, and changed UrlBase to only be “myProdServer”, “myUATServer”, etc. Thus leaving out the :// part that seems to be causing the trouble. Still, seems inconsistent that it sees the // in the Environment variable differently if I am using the Runner vs executing each method individually in the Collection. Maybe a bug?

@U585522 Can you tell us the version of the app you are using and on what platform?
This is the first time I have heard of this happening, so curious if this is maybe a legit bug.

Sure. I’m using Windows 10. It’s the most recent version (6.2.5).

Ok, I run a Mac shop here so that would explain why I have not seen this.
I would think this may be a legit bug.
cc @kunagpal @shamasis