Error when running a collection, when return code is 200?


when I run a collection even though my call returns 200, the item in the collection run summary shows up as failed with a status code of 200.

Here are the results of the run

Here is my test

pm.test("Status code is 200", function () {;

    var json = pm.response.json();

    pm.environment.set('currentClient_Buyer', json._id);
    var currentClient_Seller = pm.environment.get("currentClient_Buyer");
    console.log('currentClient_Buyer', currentClient_Buyer);

what is interesting is when I run each of the steps from the collection one by one, they all succeed with 200! but when I run the collection, the “Buyer” call ALWAYS fails with a 200.

Are you sure your not getting a script error?

Is it logging out the variable you’re setting?

Could give this a go:

pm.environment.set('currentClient_Buyer', json["_id"]);

You’re not logging that variable correctly either as it would be undefined.

It’s hard to get the full context from just that static image.