Error importing OpenAPI with circular references

How to import an OpenAPI specification with circular references:

Details (like screenshots):

I created this github repository with what I believe is the minimum required to have the issue clear: GitHub - DJA89/postman_openapi_import_failure: Example of a failure on postman import

In the repository I explained how to reproduce the issue, but basically if I have two schemas pointing at each other, even though the references are inside anyOfs so it is possible for them to not fail, they import will not work, I can explain further if it’s not enough with this and the repository’s readme.

How I found the problem:

Trying to import a specification

I’ve already tried:

I tried looking for an answer on OpenAPI, but from what I’ve found the specification seems to be correct. Tried looking for answers for Postman specifically but either there are non yet or I just didn’t find them.

I am a newbie to Postman, I did read the documentation for importing but maybe there’s something obvious that I missed.