New user: silent fail on API import

I am trying out Postman mainly for the purpose of testing an API I’m working on with Symfony/OpenAPI, and trying to import a very simple one-object API that I’m testing. It loads the docs.json file from the URL and proceeds to the “Confirm” dialog; I leave all the settings at their default and click the “Import” button, but nothing happens. no error message or feedback is given, and the dialog just stays open. Clicking flashes the button, but it never does anything.

I don’t know how to tell what’s wrong or how to proceed. Is there an error log somewhere? Is this a bug? This is version 7.25.0, OSX 10.15.4.

Hey @slinberg,

Welcome to the community!! :rocket:

There’s an open issue that might be the same thing here, there’s a workaround on the issue.

Does it import if you deselect API from the Import As column?

Thanks for the response, Danny, and yes it does. It appears to be a manifestation of that bug. OK.

I have to educate myself about the difference between a collection and an API - basically I’m having problems getting a corporate Sharepoint instance to connect to the API, and I need a tool to validate the API and make sure it’s working before I try to figure out what Sharepoint’s issue is.