Environments not showing up when viewing documentation on web


I’m trying to generate documentation for postman and I thought that the different environments would be available, but once I go to the documentation web page (with the button “view in web”) the only environment option in the drop-down is “No environment”.

In case it matters, I didn’t publish the documentation because I don’t want it to be publicly available. Any help would be appreciated!

Only environments within the current workspace will be displayed in the dropdown, not all environments.

If you’re still consistently seeing this problem, please let us know.

Yes, I have one workspace only and the environments are inside it, but not showing up in the documentation web. I tried to share another one to see if I could make it appear that way but still, no environments showing up.

When I go to the publish page the environment list shows up, it seems something specific to that page.

Could you head on over to the Workspace on the web dashboard, and see if the environments are listed there?

Do you see your environments here?