All Environment are published even if not shared

Personal workspace:

  • Collection 1
  • Environment1, Environment2

Team Workspace:
Collection1 and Environment1 have been shared into this workspace from the personal workspace

While in the Team Workspace after pressing the viewWeb button, we see the documentation with only “no environment” and “environment1” as expected.:slightly_smiling_face:

However after publishing the documentation, we see on the public site all the environments which were in the Personal workspace ie Environment1 and Environment2. :astonished:

My expectations were to only see Environment1 in the publicly published site


Hi @Radioguy00,
You see your personal environments because you’re logged in. Other users do not see these environments. They would however be able to see their personal environments if they are also logged in to Postman on the web.

We know how this can be confusing and we’ll be making changes so that this behaviour is clearer. Thanks for letting us know!

OK. Understood. Thanks