Environment not found

Hi all. I was moving environments and collections from a private workspace to a team workspace. No issues with collections, but for environments I get Environment not found. All my environments now are broken and cannot restore them from the old environment since Iโ€™ve moved them all :frowning:

This is what is shown:

Now, all variables in the collections are unbound. If I try to add them in the current environment, nothing happens.

In the Dev Tools, if I click on an environment, this log appears:

If I try to export the environment instead, this log appears:

I use the snapped version of Postman on Ubuntu 20.04. Iโ€™ve tried to look for backups or something in the `snap/.config/ folder, but nothing.

Is there a way to restore them?


Hi @grizzi

So sorry youโ€™re having trouble with this. Please open a ticket with support and someone should be able to help you.

Hi @Kevin, thanks for the tip.

Iโ€™ve opened a ticket.