Environment not importing from fork via Run in Postman button

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My question:
When using the Run in Postman button to fork a collection, the environment is missing

Details (like screenshots):
STEP 1 - Created collection in a public workspace

STEP 2 - Created share button “Via Run In Postman” with Environment included

STEP 3 - Testing ‘Run in Postman’ button results in creation of collection fork, but is missing the environment.

How I found the problem:
Tested using second postman account

I’ve already tried:
Tested with various postman accounts as well as forking into private and public workspaces. All attempts result in missing environment. With one exception.

The only time the environment successfully forked along with the collection was when selecting a different workspace in the same postman account that created the shared collection.

Run in Postman button can be found here - GitHub - gravity-ip/postman_emergepay: Gravity Payments - emergepay API