Sharing environments

If i share my collection run as a link, how do i share the environment that goes along with it?

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Only the collection variables will be shared along the collection.

To share the environment you need to export and share it as JSON if it is to be used by different user/machine.
Select the environment in “environment” tab and click the click three dots to the right. And select “Export”

But if you are sharing between workspaces you can directly share the environment.

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you have to share collection and environment separately as you do with json file

or create a workspace and share it

or the best option is to use postman documentation. It will share both collection and environment but will be available publicly

click view documentation and publish it by selecting the environment . Now your target can export both collection and environment by clicking run in postman :heart_eyes:

Hi, thank you. I clicked view documentation and published it after selecting the anvironment but when they tried to run in postman no environment was set?

it gets imported you have to select from the drop down

amazing, thank you very much

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